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How can I make hair shine?

Shiny Hair

For hair that shines, extract the juice from one lemon, add half the amount of water to the lemon juice, apply to hair for washing and you`ll have a continuous shine, until the next time you wash.

Isn´t lathering once enough when shampooing?

Mane Maneuvers

Lather twice when shampooing. The first washes out the dirt and oil and the second adds volume.

Is there a pomade that will not leave my hair feeling sticky?


Since I`ve been using this great line of products by got2b, I have been getting so many compliments! It`s a pomade called, "Defiant," and it doesn`t leave my hair with that sticky, wheaty feeling! My hair stays in place all day and it's super shiny! I found this hidden gem of a pomade at my local supermarket and it`s under $10. What a find!

How can I tame a cowlick?

Cowlicks 411

To tame a cowlick: mist with a mane spray (try Pantene Pro V Sheer Strength Healthy Hold Spray with Elastess) and blowdry from roots to ends on the up-side of the strands or blend it into your style by spritzing with a volumizer and blowdrying with head upside down. Avoid cutting hair too short.

What could be causing my hair to be dull?

Shiny Hair

Hair lacking luster may be caused from lack of silicon intake.

Which vitamins should I take to have healthy hair?

Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Nutritional supplements for healthy hair include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid and Biotin.

What can I do for my limp, lifeless hair?

For Limp Hair

Use mousse or a thickening spray at the roots and use fingers to push up the roots to boost and add volume to limp hair.

How can I syle my curly hair into an updo?

Updo for Wavy or Curly Hair

Choose a headband that's ornate but not overly glitzy (like 2 linked bands of gold) to set off an updo. With elastic band, put hair back into a high ponytail. Next, pull the tail through the elastic again, stopping halfway through, making a loose bun. Pull back front tendrils or bangs with the headband.

How can I get the same great haircut I see on someone else?

A Cut Above

When you see someone with a great haircut or color, don't hesitate to ask for the name of her salon and stylist. It's a great compliment!

Should I use a color-enhancing shampoo?

Color Enhancing Shampoo

Color-enhancing shampoo can refresh chemically treated hair and boost natural highlights by depositing pigment into porous areas of the hair shaft.

How can I soften my eyes?

Soften Eyes with Bangs

Add long, wispy bangs around the face to help accent and soften the eyes.

How can I keep my curly hair from getting frizzy?

Taming Curly Hair

Avoid split ends and frizzies by combing curly hair with a wide-toothed comb while soaking wet. Then, put the comb down. Never comb dry, curly hair. Take it from me, you'll end up looking like Rosanna-Rosanna Danna, the frizzy headed news woman played by Gilda Radner on the old Saturday Night Live reruns. Run your hands under water and run your fingers through your hair if you need to detangle.

How can I avoid broken and split ends from blowdrying?

Wet Hair

When blowdrying wet hair, avoid breaking and stretching hair by using fingers to pick and lift instead of a brush.

What can I do with my long, straight hair?

Pizzazz for Long Hair

To jazz up your long do, apply thickener, wind hair loosely around velcro rollers until dry, shake out hair and spray lightly.

How should I use an herbal shampoo?

Herbal Shampoo

When using an herbal shampoo, wait a few minutes before rinsing to receive the full benefit of herbal properties.

Can my hairstyle soften my face?

Soften the Face

Layered "shag" hairstyles create softness around the face.

What can I do differently with my short hair for the holidays?

Short Hairstyles

To add impact to short hair, slick it back or curl and crush with fingers.

How should I choose and use a color-enhancing shampoo?

Choosing Color-Enhancing Shampoo

Choose a color-enhancing shampoo shade somewhere between the color of your normal hair and your highlights. Alternate use with a regular shampoo for color-treated hair.

What can I do to avoid the frizzies?

Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will allow the hair to *slide* and avoid frizz.

How should I style my long hair to wear with bare shoulders?

Glamour for Long Hair

Add that extra touch of glamour to extra-bare party attire with long, smooth hair parted off to the side. Apply a dollop of smoothing cream (like Redkin Straight) to damp hair before blow-drying it straight. Finish off with a dab of shine serum (like Matrix Biolage Shine Renewal).

How can I avoid the frizzies in humid weather?

Avoid the Frizzies

To avoid the frizzies in humid weather, blowdry hair completely and use a special hair gloss/laminator. For all you curly headed gals out there, please use your products...There are MANY products on the market that help tame the frizz and keep the curl. Experiment and indulge yourself on your next trip to the salon. You can even find good products at the supermarket. I like Corrective Styling Mousse by Frizz-Ease.

Why does my stylist fuss when I trim my own bangs?

Avoid Temptation to Trim

Avoid the temptation to trim your bangs in between haircuts. You'll risk destroying the line of the cut. Many salons offer a complimentary bangs trim.

How can I detract from a crepey neck?

Trim off the Years

Chin-length and mid-neck hairstyles detract from a jowly chin and crepey neck. They also help to slim the jawline.

How can I add volume to thin, fine hair?

Adding Volume

If you have fine limp hair and need a boost, blow dry with head upside down. After having finished blow drying.. lift head/hair up... this gives a lot of as desired.

Can my hair soften the appearance of lines?

Highlighting Diminishes Lines

Highlighting around the face softens the appearance of lines.

How can I avoid my red hair looking pink when I color?

Hair too pink?

To avoid red or auburn hair turning pink when coloring, use a brown base and then red as the enhancing color.

How can I add volume to my already dry do?

Avoid drying dry hair

Avoid heat setting when drying hair to "fluff." Using heat on dry hair is too harsh and can cause brittleness.

What product should I use to have smooth hair?

Smooth Hair

Use a pomade instead of gel for hair that is smooth, not crispy wispy.

How can I get a mean knot out of my hair?

Taming Knots

To remove a serious tangle or knot, lubricate with conditioner then gently pick free with a bobby pin with coated tips. Avoid using water as it will cause the knot to tighten as it dries.

How can I change my hairstyle for the holidays?

Change Hairstyle

To add impact for the holidays, change your hairstyle. If you usually wear it down, wear it up. If you usually wear it up, let it down.

What's a recipe for homemade dry shampoo?

Homemade dry shampoo

When regular shampooing is impossible, dry shampoo can work just as well as cleaning hair and absorbing the oil. Make your own dry shampoo by mixing together 1 tablespoon salt and 1/2 cup cornmeal. Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl and then transfer into a large holed salt shaker. Lightly sprinkle it on dirty, oily hair and brush out the dirt and grime! Baby power or cornstarch can also be used as dry shampoos.

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