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How can I make my nose look more slender?

To Slenderize Nose

To make the nose look more slender, contour each side with a foundation one or two shades darker than your normal shade. Blend well.

How can I keep my eye makeup from smudging in hot weather?

Eyeliner in Humid Conditions

In hot humid weather, line the upper eyes only. For color along the bottom lashes, use a light stroke of eyeshadow color and blend.

Can I use shimmery products on my eyelids?

Makeup Creases

Be careful using shimmery products, especially on your eyes; they tend to collect in creases.

How can I soften too much color?

Soften Too Much Color

Too much color? Dust on a light layer of loose or pressed powder to take off the edge.

What can I do about my chapped, cracked lips?

Chapped, Cracked lips

Exfoliate chapped, cracked lips and apply lip balm. Avoid licking lips.

Can lipstick be saved after it got too warm?

The texture changed

Lipsticks that have changed texture or color from being exposed to warm climates can be given a shave -- just slice off the top and sides of the bullet. -- Allure Magazine, June 1999

Why does my heavy eyeliner make me look overdone?

Go Light with Liner

Remember never to overdo your eyes with eyeliner. Heavily outlined eyes will make you look older.

What technique should I use to line lids?

To Open Up Eyes

Line only the outer half of upper and lower eyelids for "open-eye" appeal. Lining the entire lid closes up the area.

How can I avoid emphasizing dark undereye circles?

Dark Circles

Avoid emphasizing dark undereye circles. Don't use dark eyeliner or blue/grey eyeshadow.

How can I prevent overapplying blush?

Go Easy on Blush

Blush is more commonly overapplied than any other cosmetic. Invest in a good brush for applying blush. When you can see the color on your cheeks - STOP! Blend well with sponge.

How can I get smoother lips?

Smoother lips

Exfoliate. Dampen a washcloth and gently rub it against lips. Then apply Chap Stick, which seals in moisture and acts as a primer for lip color. The Chap Stick's waxiness works in your favor here, to fill cracks and smooth the lip surface. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

How can I keep from drawing attention to skin problems?

Don't Draw Attention to Skin Problems

Avoid true red lip colors if your skin is ruddy, irritated or blotchy. Your lips will draw attention to your skin.

How can I keep lipstick off of my teeth?

Keep Lipstick Off of Your Teeth

To keep lipstick off of your teeth, put a tissue on your index finger. Make an "O" with your mouth. Insert your finger in your mouth and pull it out.

How can I best choose products that will not irritate my skin?

Choosing Products

When choosing beauty products make sure they are dermatologist, ophthalmologist, sensitivity and allergy tested, and cruelty-free.

Should I apply as much mascara to lower lashes as to the top lashes?

Mascara Application Tips

Wear Mascara only on your top lashes and put eyeliner on your lower eyelashes. Put the eyeliner the inner side of your lashes and not the outer. Try not to use water-proof mascara because it's harder to take off. Use a good mascara which comes with a handle that comes with thin bristles so your lashes can be easily separted yet has that rich look into it. *Note: Sorry, but I do not agree with putting eyeliner in the inner side of your lashes. I know that it does create a nice look but bacteria also loves it here and you could find yourself with an infection very quickly.

Curl lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara and then quickly again after applying two coats and letting it dry. It makes short skimpy lashes look awesome! I also find that wiping off the excess mascara from the wand (with a napkin or paper towel - tissues seem to leave lint) before applying to lashes makes the application flawless and the clumps minimal, if at all.

Is my red lipstick drying out my lips?

Red Lip Color May Dry Out Lips

Use a lip exfoliating cream to counter drying effects of red pigments in lipstick.

Is there a good foundation for oily skin?

Banish that shine

No more shiny foreheads. Try Mary Kay's Oil Mattifier. It really controls that nasty oil production and shine on the face.

Is there a better way to darken brows than penciling?

Eyebrow Brush

The trick to applying a natural eyebrow shape is using a hard, stiff, short brush and working with colorations instead of pencils. Pencils can be used but it takes practice and patience to get a natural look.

What do I do about lipstick on my teeth?

Just the lips

To keep lipstick off teeth, apply color with a brush and then blot. Hold a finger horizontally between lips and bite down to remove any lipstick that could rub off on teeth. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

How do I tone down my lipstick?

When lipstick isn't right

To mute a too bright or too brash lipstick shade, mix a small dab of foundation with Vaseline and brush it on over the lipstick. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

Why does my makeup look so harsh?

Harsh Makeup

Makeup should be appropriate for your coloring. Always blend well - harsh makeup doesn't look good on anyone.

Should I blend my makeup before or after powdering?

Erase Mistakes Before Powdering

Before you powder, make sure there are no lines or creases. Once you powder it will stay put.

How do I put on lipstick?

Applying lipstick

To line and fill, anchor your pinkie on your chin and place the flat edge of the lip liner point in the corner of the mouth. With a gentle arc motion, draw a line up to the bow of the upper lip. Repeat on other side, then for lower lip. Fill in with liner. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

Do beauty products spoil?

Makeup Maintenance

Like milk, makeup can spoil after long periods. Discard any product that has an unnatural odor, changed color or has become unnaturally separated.

Which blush tones are best for women of color?

Vibrant Blush

Women of color look best in deep blush colors and should avoid pastels.

Why is there such an emphasis on looking natural?

Cosmetic Colors

Remember, cosmetic colors are intended to enhance your features and natural coloring. Avoid creating an artificial mask.

How can I get a perfect lip line?

Perfect lip line

Mark edges. For a finished look, apply liner. (For more natural lips, skip liner and go to Step 4.) Keep lips slightly parted (for this and remaining steps). Just inside the natural border, draw a small line following the bow of the upper lip. On the bottom lip, draw a small horizontal line in the middle of the lower edge. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

How can I tell if a makeup product has spoiled?

Keep Fresh Makeup

Believe it or not, cosmetic products have an expiration date. Discard any product that has discolored, developed an unnatural odor, or has unnaturally separated. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs, it's definately time to treat yourself to something new.

How should I choose eyebrow color?

Eyebrow Color

For neatly groomed brows, use a pencil in a color that is closest to your eyebrow color and fill in the gaps. If in doubt, always go a little lighter than your brow.

How can I make my lips look fuller?

Make Lips Look Fuller

Pale lipstick shades make lips look fuller.

How should I apply eye shadow?

Eyeshadow Application

Using a large, flat eyeshadow brush, apply a light shadow color over your entire eyelid from lash line to brow. Next, using a fluff brush, apply a medium shadow color on your lid from the lash line to the crease. Finally, dampen your eyeliner brush and use your darkest color as a liner along your lash line. Always use good quality brushes.

How can I make my lipstick stay on longer?

Make Lipstick Last

For long-lasting coverage, fill in th entire lip with pencil, then apply lip color.

How can I downplay my lips?

Reshaping lips

To make lips look smaller: (A) Play up another area of the face, like eyes or cheeks. (B) Use a neutral-toned lipstick to de-emphasize lips. (C) Apply lipstick directly from the tube--no brush, no liner. (D) Blot color so there's just a residue of pigment rather than shine. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

How can I emphasize my eyes for evening?

Emphasize Eyes

For evening glamour, line the inside of lower lids with navy, violet or jade eye pencil.

How can I prevent my lipstick from bleeding?

Lip Foundation

Apply a special lip foundation to prevent lipstick from bleeding into the lines around the mouth.

Is there an exercise to erase fine lines?

Lines on Upper Lip

To reduce lines around the mouth, try this face blowing exercise and you'll see results in a week. Simply close your mouth, inflate the skin above the upper lip and on either side of the mouth, and breath though your nose. Hold it for a count of 10 and repeat 10 times. Keep your upper lip smooth and relaxed. It may help to place a finger above each corner of your mouth to hold the skin in place.

How can I keep my mascara from thickening at the end of the tube?

Prolong Mascara

If your mascara thickens when it reaches the end of tube, place the tube in warm water. This will help to make mascara thinner. Never add water to the tube; bacteria can form.

How can I make cleaning up fallen eye shadow easier?

Quick Repair for Renegade Eyeshadow

Put a light layer of powder under eyes before applying eyeshadow. If color falls when applying color, it can be gently whisked away after you finish your application.

How does a lip brush help?

Use a lip brush

For the most careful lipstick application, use a lip brush to paint color onto the center of lips, then blend up and out to the lip line. When applying lipstick directly from the tube, start from the middle of the mouth and work toward corners. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

How can I keep lipstick from cracking on my lips?

Prevent Cracked Lipstick

Try a combination lip exfoliator/moisturizer treatment weekly to remove lipstick buildup, prevent chapped lips and help to minimize fine lines.

How can I keep my powder from clumping?

Powder Clumps

If face is very moist, blot gently with a tissue before powdering to avoid clumps.

What can I do about a droopy mouth?

To Lift Lips

To give a visual lift to a droopy mouth, stop lip pencil and lipstick just short of the corners and use a darker shade of color on the bottom lip.

What should I know about contouring?

Contouring with Foundation

A simple formula to remember for visually contouring the face with foundation is that light shades highlight and darker shades minimize.

How can I make my lips look pouty?

For Pouty Lips

To enhance a pout, dab a silver lip gloss onto the center of your lower lip.

How can I vary my lipstick shades?

Mixing Lip Colors

Mixing colors is the best way to vary your lipstick shades.

What is the benefit of using powder?

Set Makeup with Powder

Powder makes products stay in place whether it be cream based products that move around or pencils, foundations or concealers.

Which shadows should I use for my deep-set eyes?

Deep Set Eyes

On deep-set eyes, you should use shadow colors on the light side of the spectrum.

How should I choose foundation color?

Foundation Color

Don't test foundation and concealer color on your hand. Match it, instead, on your face and neck.

Is red pencil the only shade I can wear with red lip color?

Experiment with Lip Pencil Color

Experiment with lip pencils in shades of red, berry and cinnamon when applying with red lip color to achieve different effects.

How can I balance my uneven lips?

Uneven Lips

Balance uneven lips with a lip pencil. Apply slightly inside the lip line to make lips appear thinner; on the lip line to make lips appear fuller.

How can I play up my eyes for evening?

Evening Glamour for Eyes

Play up eyes for evening glamour by lining the inside lower lids with a bold color such as lapis or teal.

How can I avoid applying blush too dark?

Less is More

Apply blush until the color begins to show then stop...blend away the outside lines.

How close to the Big Day should I get a makeover?

Special Occasion Makeovers

Schedule makeovers well in advance of special occasions to allow time to practice with different looks and techniques.

What makeup should young teens wear?

Young Teens

Young teens should use makeup sparingly: tinted lip gloss, sheer foundation, powder, soft blush and a hint of mascara.

Which size brush is best for applying blush?

Blush Brushes

Compact size blush brushes are too small and the bristles are not shaped properly. Use a good quality brush. Now, here is a little trick. Once you have your blush in place, take a cotton ball and blend until you have just a hint of natural looking color. Subtle is the key word here. No strips of color please.

Can I apply foundation immediately after moisturizing?

Wait Before Applying Foundation

You should wait for ten minutes after applying moisturizer before applying foundation.

Can blush give me an instant facelift?

Instant Facelift

Apply a lighter shade of blush high on the cheekbones to create an instant facelift.

How can I make my lips look fuller?

Fuller lips

For a fuller-looking mouth, dab lightweight concealer on the center of the lips (over lipstick), then blend out toward the corners. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

Can I vary my eyeliner shades without buying extra pencils?

Vary Eyeliner Shades

Vary eye liner colors by slightly dampening your eyeshadow wand and using an eyeshadow shade to line your eyes.

How can I minimize red, ruddy skin?

Color Corrector for Redness

A concealor or foundation with yellow undertones will help to minimize skin redness.

How can I avoid a line of demarcation from my foundation?

Lines of Demarcation

When applying foundation, stop about an inch above the jawline then blend downward past the jaw to avoid a line of demarcation.

How should lip gloss be applied?


For a shiny finish, use a wand to apply a light shade of gloss to the center of the lips. Blend outward with a finger or by rubbing lips together. For a pouty look, put extra gloss on the middle of the bottom lip. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

What can I do about a prominant chin?

Prominant Chin

To make a prominant chin visually recede, contour with foundation one or two shades darker than your normal shade. Blend well.

How can I dazzle them with evening makeup?

Evening Shimmer

Add a bit of shimmering moisturizer to liquid foundation for a little sheen...subtle and sexy.

How should I choose my natural blush color?

Blush Color

To find the perfect color blush for your skin, look at your cheeks after you have exercised. That is what your natural blush color should look like.

How can I keep makeup fresh during air travel?

Makeup Bag Contents

To keep skin and makeup fresh-looking during air travel, your makeup bag should include an atomizer of alcohol-free toner to spritz on your face, face powder, blush, lip balm and lipstick.

What can I do about beauty flaws?

Enhance Flaws

Don`t try to cover up your natural born `flaws` with make-up..enhance them!!

How can I get a natural look when coloring my brows?

For Natural Brows

Use two colors of brow pencil for a natural look.

How do I shape my lips perfectly?

The perfect lip line

To get a precise edge without lining lips, use a small brush to apply foundation around the outside of the lip line (after applying lipstick). Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

What´s the hottest look for summer makeup?

Fake Bake

The hottest look for summer: a faux sun burn. Sweep a bronze tone over eyelids and high on the apples of the cheeks to create a flushed look. Add some extra sizzle with a burnished lipstick.

How can I prevent overapplying blush?

Tap Off Excess Blush

Tap off excess blush from your brush before applying to the face. Do not blow on the bristles or you will put bacteria from your mouth on the brush.

How can I prevent my makeup from caking during hot weather?

Brush Powder in Hot Weather

To help lock foundation in place during hot weather, use a big fluffy brush to apply a light dusting of loose, oil-free powder. Do not press powder into skin or it will cake from perspiration.

How can I make lip color last longer?

Holiday Lips

Red lip color is a must for the holidays. Outline and fill in lips with red lip liner before applying lipstick for longer lasting color.

How do I achieve a sheer look to my foundation?

Sheer Foundation Coverage

For a light or sheer look, dampen sponge before applying foundation.

Why does my summer makeup look too light?

Darker Shades in Summer

You may need to go a shade darker with foundation and powder as skin darkens in the summer. However, please be sure to use a moisturizing sunscreen daily with an SPF of 15 or greater. It's nice to have a healthy glow, but better safe than sorry.

How can I tone down my lipliner?

Lighten Lipliner

If lipliner is too dark tone it down with a small amount of foundation then reapply lipliner.

How can I minimize lines and wrinkles?

Minimize Lines & Wrinkles

To minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, avoid heavy foundation and opt for a lightweight foundation or one of the powders with micronized talc.

How can I de-emphasize facial hair?

Fuzzy Mug

Applying makeup, especially powder, over facial hair will emphasize it.

How often should mascara be replaced?

Mascara Replacement

Replace mascara every 3 months to guard against possible bacteria.

How can I prevent my mascara from smudging?

Prevent Mascara Smudges

To prevent mascara smudge, pat the under-eye area lightly with loose, oil-free powder.

Why should I blot lipstick?

Blotting makes color last

Peel off one ply of a piece of facial tissue and blot. Blotting makes color last longer, helps keep lipstick off teeth, and leaves lips looking painted but not overdone. Rory Evans, "Lipstick 101," Allure Magazine, April 1999

As a woman of color, how should I line my lips?

Bow of Lips

Avoid emphasizing the bow of the lip and follow the natural lip line.

How can I counteract sallowness?

Counteract Sallowness

If you have sallow skin, choose a foundation that disappears into your skin. To counteract sallowness, choose a pink or rosy blush.

How can I give my skin a dewy look?

Dewy Skin

Mix a shimmer gel with a drop of moisturizer. Blend into cheeks for a "dewy" look.

Which shade of red is best for me?

Correct Shades of Red

Brunettes and blondes should wear blue or pink-toned reds. Redheads and strawberry blondes should wear orange or yellow-reds.

Why should I avoid products with mineral oil?

Avoid Mineral Oil

Avoid moisturizers containing mineral oil. It doesn't absorb well into the skin...messy!

How can I use up the end of a lipstick?

Lipstick Palette Case

A great way to organize your lipsticks or use up the end of a lipstick is to dig out or cut off a chunk of lip color and place it in a lipstick palette case.

How can I revive tired skin after a day at the office?

Glowing Skin

For a special glow, apply a mask of refrigerator-cooled Noxema for ten minutes before applying makeup.

How can I add dimension to my large eyes?

Give Large Eyes Dimension

Darker eyeshadow shades give dimension. If you have large or protruding eyes, you would want to use darker shades.

What should I use to blend my eyeshadow?

Packaged Blush Brushes

To blend eyeshadow or apply shadow to the entire lid use the brush applicator that comes packaged with blush.

What look will best accentuate my large eyes?

Soften Large Eyes

If you have large and open eyes, don't use loud or bright colors that will over emphasize the fullness. You want them to be soft and keep a person's attention.

What should I use during the day for oily skin?

Loose Powder

Using loose, oil-free powder will set makeup and help to absorb excess oil.

How can I balance uneven lip color?

To Balance Lighter Lips

Women with darker skin can fill in entire lip with lip pencil before applying color to balance out lighter lips.

What is the first step in applying mascara?

Applying Mascara

When applying mascara, coat top of lashes first and then the underside.

How can I avoid being left with excess powder?

Fluffy Powder Brush

To remedy excess powder, apply powder with a puff and then buff with a big, fluffy powder brush.

Is it best for my skin to go without foundation?

Healthier foundation

Now that skin-care companies such as Neutrogena and Oil of Olay are making makeup, wearing foundation can actually be healthier for your skin than wearing nothing at all. --Cosmopolitan. Apr 99

Do my lipstick and blush colors have to match exactly?

Coordinate Lipstick & Blush

Don't worry about matching your lipstick color to your blush. Just keep it in the same color family.

What can I do to prevent my eye shadow from creasing?

Eyeshadow Creases

To prevent shadow from creasing, put foundation on your lids first, then powder.

How can I keep my tubes of mascara from drying out so fast?

Don't Pump Mascara Wand

Don't pump your mascara wand into the mascara container. This pushes air into the container and makes mascara dry out faster. Gently insert the wand, turn two or three times, then remove and apply to lashes.

Can I get a finished look without using foundation?

Matte Finish

Even if you do not use foundation or concealer a powder will give skin a matte finished appearance.

How should I apply individual false lashes?

False Lashes

Maximize eyes by adding four individual fake lashes (the single hair type) to the outer corner of each eye.

Which lipstick shades should I wear on my thin lips?

Thin Lips

The thinner your lips, the more neutral your lipcolor should be.

How can I create a sheer foundation?

Create Sheer Foundation

To create a sheer foundation, lightly mist sponge with hydrating mist and add a couple of drops of liquid foundation.

How can I cover my tatoo?

Covering Tatoos

It is difficult to hide large tatoos. However, there are a few cosmetic companies that specialize in products that can cover a tatoo. You may have to do a little research to find a product that works best for you. Start by contacting some of the companies below. Call them. Ask for samples. When you find the right blend for your skin type, place an order or find out where you can purchase the products locally.

How can I use gold highlights with my makeup?

Glimmering Gold

Add some glamour to your look for a special evening with a touch of gold accented along the brow bone, just under the eyebrow.

What can I do about hooded eyelids?

Hooded Eyelids

To make hooded lids look like more of the eyelid is showing, apply a deep shadow on outer half of the eye, blending over the fold and crease.

How can I use the last dab of lipstick?

Good to the last drop

Take what's left of your favorite lipsticks and put them in a palette. A few drops of castor oil will help smooth out the texture. -- Allure Magazine, June 1999

What are the benefits of using a makeup sponge?

Makeup Sponge Magic

The makeup sponge is one of the most valuable tools you can own. More gentle than using your fingers. Use for applying foundation and blending shadow and blush.

How should I choose the shade of foundation?

Choosing foundation

To match foundation to your skin color, dab a stripe on your cheek. It should almost disappear.

Should I test lipsticks on my hand?


Testing lipstick on the back of your hand may be a tried-and-true tradition, but makeup artist Mary Greenwell says to smear it on your fingertips instead -- the texture and color of the skin on your fingers is more akin to your lips. -- Allure Magazine, June 1999

How can I control oily skin?

Loose Powder

Loose powder will set makeup and help to control oil.

How can I avoid my foundation becoming heavy and caked?

Light Coverage

For lighter coverage, mix foundation with an equal amount of moisturizer.

How can I maintain a sunny look during winter?

Winter Makeup Alternative

To maintain a "sunny" glow during winter months, apply self-tanning lotion to face and throat area. Strive for a natural shade that blends well with the rest of your skin.

Which makeup is best for air travel?

Makeup for Air Travel

For air travel try a moisturizing foundation, a talc-free and oil-free powder, cream blush, long-lasting lip color and waterproof (smudge-proof) mascara.

Which shadow colors best go with red lipstick?

Red Hot Lips? Neutral Shadow!

Keep eyeshadow neutral when lips are red - choose a grey or brown shadow.

How can I save space when packing beauty products?

Eye Makeup Remover

Use an oil-free eye makeup remover to cleanse the delicate area around the eye. Avoid using heavy gels or creams that can clog pores and weigh down the skin around the eye.

How can I balance uneven complexion color?

Uneven Coloring

Choose a foundation shade between the lightest and darkest areas to even out the complexion.

What should I use to seal my lipstick?

Vitamin E for Lips

Vitamin E oil gives your lips a topcoat plus seals in color. It also gives your lips an instant shine and helps to protect sensitive areas.

Which eyeshadow tones are best for women of color?

Vibrant Shadow

Women of color look best in deep eyeshadow tones and should avoid pastels.

What can I do to tone down bright red lipstick?

Red Lips too Bright?

To de-intensify red lipstick, apply over a muted shade and then blot.

How can I recover lost summer´s glow in winter?

Summer's Glow

Use a hint of pink or peach-tinted powder to recover summer's lost glow in winter.

How can I jazz up my lashes for a special evening?

Jazzy Lashes

To jazz up your eyes for a special evening out, try Z New York mascara in Navy or Plum.

How can I make my small eyes look bigger?

Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

If you have small eyes and want to give the impression of larger eyes, you want to stay with lighter eyeshadow shades.

How can I keep makeup on my oily skin in humid weather?

Sock it to Shine!

To prevent "summer makeup meltdown" try one of the new oil control serums. They actually help absorb facial oil for a fresh, matte finish all day.

How can I minimize fine lines?

Tinted Face Powder

To minimize tiny lines and soften features while adding a healthy glow, use a pink or peach tinted powder.

What are the best cosmetic shades for Summer?

Summer Naturals

Softly muted nudes, browns and pinks are the must-have shades of makeup primers to complement the summer season's warmer temperatures and lighter fabrics.

How can I apply red lip color for a sharp line?

Apply Red with Lip Brush

For best results, apply *non-forgiving* red lip color with a lip brush.

How can I draw attention away from undereye circles?

Don't Emphasize Undereye Problems

If you have problems under the eye such as dark circles, bags, uneven skin tone, wrinkled skin, etc....these problems will become more obvious if you apply mascara to the bottom lashes.

How can I add depth to my eyes?

Eye Contour

When applying shadow makeup to add depth to your eye, use a dark neutral color like gray as a base in the contour area of the eyelid. Never over-do any color around the eyes.

How can I achieve a wet look on my eyelids?

Glossy Lids

To achieve a long-lasting wet look on your eyelid, use a lip gloss all over the lid before applying powder. The shadow will stick to the gloss base.

How can I get a temporary sunny glow?

Faux Sunny Glow

Add a sunny glow to cheeks, forehead, shoulders and chest with a bronzing powder.

How can I make my dark skin look lighter?

Dark Complexions

If you want very darked skinned to appear lighter, remember not to wear light pastel colors
especially white. Wear dark colors in make-up and clothing.

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