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Can I put Vitamin E on my lips?

Vitamin E for Lips

Take Vitamin E gel capsules and cut one open and apply to your lips. It will soften lips and also give it a nice, glossy look.

How can I get rid of those stray brow hairs?


Don't be afraid to tweeze your eyebrows. But - NEVER SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS. Spend your money on a good tweezer.

What steps should I use when tweezing my brows?

Tweeze 'em

Before tweezing, use an eyebrow brush to brush brows into place.

How can I test a lighter color on my eyebrows?

Eyebrow Lightening

If you are thinking of lightening your eyebrows, try a colored mascara first to see what they would look like.

What can I do to counteract undereye puffiness?

Counter Undereye Puffiness

To counteract undereye puffiness: drink 8 - 10 glasses of water daily, cut down on salt intake and use a special eye cream with plant extracts to tighten and firm skin around the eye. Pat, do not rub, lotion around the eye.

How should I use an eyebrow brush?

Brow Definition

For well-defined eyebrows, first brush inward, then upward, and finally outward with a light layer of brow control cream to hold the shape. This routine can ease the unruly eyebrow shape.

How can I take the sting out of tweezing?

Take the Sting out of Tweezing

When tweezing your eyebrows first apply Anbesol to numb the area.

Why do I have undereye puffiness?

Undereye Puffiness

Undereye puffiness is often hereditary and can also be caused by salt intake or heavy creams. Instead, use a cream that is specially formulated for the delicate area around the eye.

How can I keep my moisturizer from causing swollen eyes?

Gel Moisturizer

Avoid swollen eyes by using a gel moisturizer at bedtime rather than cream.

What can I do to help alleviate painful tweezing?

Tweeze after Shower

Tweeze eyebrows after a shower and it will be less painful.

How do I make sure my eyebrows are even?

Take a look

Step back (literally) and take a good look. Always start with the lower eyebrow, because sometimes all you need is to make it match the other one. Once brows are balanced a bit, you can decide if you want to go thinner. Jennifer Tung, "Eyebrows 101," Allure Magazine, January 1999

What is an easy way I can apply eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow Technique

Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow on the browbone, a natural color on the lid, and a darker color at the lashline. Really nice on all skin tones!!

How should I tweeze my eyebrows?

Eyebrow Arch

The first step to tweezing is thinning the eyebrow, then slowly begin to define the arch. The arch of the eyebrow should reach the highest point above the middle of your iris. Thin the brow from that point out. The brows are the frame of your eyes.

Which is the best light to use when tweezing my eyebrows?

When to tweeze

Tweeze in natural daylight, because artificial light doesn't show everything. Jennifer Tung, "Eyebrows 101," Allure Magazine, January 1999

Is there a good brand of tweezers?


Invest in a good tweezer. We recommend Tweezerman.

How should my eyebrows be shaped?

Eyebrow Shape

The general rule to determining the shape of your eyebrow is to hold a pencil vertically alongside the face to the point where the pencil meets your eyebrow. That is the natural starting point. Tweeze the stray hairs between the two starting points. The endpoint is found by angling the pencil past the outer corner of your eye. Remove stray hairs beyond that spot and from below your natural arch.

Should I tweeze stray hairs above the brow?

Tweeze from Underneath

Shape your eyebrows by tweezing hairs from underneath, not from above.

How should I shape my eyebrows?

Brow Shape

Remember to follow brows' natural shape. Tweeze too little rather than too much. Taper gradually. And stop before you're sorry. Jennifer Tung, "Eyebrows 101," Allure Magazine, January 1999

Is there a natural beauty treatment for crows feet?

Castor oil for wrinkles

Before retiring, apply castor oil around your eyes. Make sure it is the odorless form. Plastic surgeons use it on their patients following surgery. --Mary Ellen's Best of helpful hints.

Why should I carry a spare razor while traveling?

Keeping eyebrows neat

If you are traveling & tired of plucking single hairs out off your eyebrows, try using a single razor (not the disposable ones!) for a while. It does the job much faster and just as neat, plus, it does not leave you with red, irritated areas. You will find those (and also disposable) razors in any German drugstore, such as "KD", "Drospa" or "Schlecker", and some grocery stores carry them, too.

Shouldn´t I use a magnifying mirror when tweezing brows?


When tweezing, don't stand too close to the mirror or--even worse--use a magnifying mirror. If you do, you'll lose perspective and tweeze too much. Jennifer Tung, "Eyebrows 101," Allure Magazine, January 1999

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