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Is it better to choose silver jewelry or gold?

Gold or silver?

Most people can wear either gold or silver as long as they wear makeup and clothing colors for their color season. However, warm seasons look best in gold and cool seasons shine in silver.

What can I do to improve a dress in an unflattering color?


One of the best accessory investments you can make is a scarf, in one or more of your best colors. Not only does it bring color to your face, it can totally transform an outfit. Get the most from your existing wardrobe by adding beautiful scarves.

Do people really notice scuffed shoes?

Polished Shoes

Keep shoes in good repair, polished and matching your garment in color and style. Shoes in disrepair can ruin an otherwise great image.

Which shoe is preferable for evening?

Evening Shoes

For evening events poie de soie (fabric) shoes are preferable.

Do my shoes and handbags always have to match my outfits?

Neutral Colors

Shoes and handbags in neutral colors add versatility to your wardrobe since they go with everything.

Are tinted eyeglass lenses fashionable?

Tinted Frames

Tinted eyeglass lenses add years to your age. Opt for clear lenses instead.

How should I choose earring size?


When choosing earrings, the scale and size of the items should be consistent with your body size. For example, petite women should wear smaller accessories.

What type of purse should I carry to holiday events?

Evening Bags

Invest in a black satin evening bag. Carrying your daytime bag to holiday events will spoil your whole look.

Can I wear a hat to an evening event?

Evening Hats

If you choose to wear a hat to an evening event, make sure it's appropriate. Evening hats don't have brims.

How much should I accessorize?

Too much jewelry

When accessorizing your outfit, choose one piece of jewelry or a belt as the focal point and be modest with the rest. Too much jewelry can look as if it is competing for attention.

How should I care for fabric shoes?

Fabric Shoe Care

Protect fabric shoes with an application of a stain and water-repellent spray to keep dirt and water from penetrating.

What color outfit should I wear with my gold shoes?

Versatile Metallic

Silver and gold metallic shoes go with just about anything: blacks, grays, whites, brights, pastels.

Which style shoe should I choose for evening?

Evening Shoes

For a smart evening shoe choice with a dress or pants, choose one that is bare and strappy with a graceful heel.

How should I choose glasses for reading?


Half-lense "reading" glasses add years to your age. Bifocals with invisible seams are the preferred choice for special eyeglass needs.

Does it matter if my glasses frames are a

Outdated glasses

Outdated frames can ruin your image. Make sure that your frames are up to date and in one of your best colors.

Is faux leather just as good as real leather when buying shoes?

Leather is Best

Invest in real leather when buying shoes and handbags. It lasts longer and gives a more comfortable fit.

Is there a limit to the number of rings I should wear on each hand?

Too many rings

You should only wear one ring on each hand. Too many rings make your fingers disappear. Show off your well-groomed manicure with one ring on each hand. Rotate your ring collection by matching them to your outfit and by keeping the appropriate feel for the occasion.

What kind of shoes should I buy for my new office job?

Classic Pumps

Every working woman should invest in the classic pump. Close toed, either pumps or sling backs, your choice, are appropriate for all occasions.

How should I choose shoe color to wear with an outfit?

Wrong Shoe Color

Shoe color should be matched to or as dark as the predominant color of your outfit.

Which accessory can I use to add fun to my look for summer?

Bold Eye Accents

For a fun twist to your summer look, try sunglasses that have brightly colored lenses like ocean blue
or hot pink!

What is protocol for patent and white shoes?

Patent Leather

Wear patent leather shoes and white shoes during spring and summer months only. Bone and taupe are acceptable year-round.

What seasonal touches can I add to my hair?

Hair Accessories

Give a sparkling look to your seasonal hair style by adding hair accessories, such as python-printed headbands, barrettes or ponytail holders. Casual best in winter, bold for summer months.

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