Mascara Application Tips

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Should I apply as much mascara to lower lashes as to the top lashes?

Mascara Application Tips

Wear Mascara only on your top lashes and put eyeliner on your lower eyelashes. Put the eyeliner the inner side of your lashes and not the outer. Try not to use water-proof mascara because it's harder to take off. Use a good mascara which comes with a handle that comes with thin bristles so your lashes can be easily separted yet has that rich look into it. *Note: Sorry, but I do not agree with putting eyeliner in the inner side of your lashes. I know that it does create a nice look but bacteria also loves it here and you could find yourself with an infection very quickly.

Curl lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara and then quickly again after applying two coats and letting it dry. It makes short skimpy lashes look awesome! I also find that wiping off the excess mascara from the wand (with a napkin or paper towel - tissues seem to leave lint) before applying to lashes makes the application flawless and the clumps minimal, if at all.



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