Hot Lemon Water

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How can drinking hot lemon water help my skin?

Hot Lemon Water

Drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning to help flush out the body internally and reduce toxins which can cause skin sensitivities.



7/9/2006 11:10:02 AM
chloe said:

i feel this revives your taste buds in the morning and creates a tingeling sensation in your mouth, however it does leave your teeth feeling coated. very purifying otherwise.

7/21/2006 3:20:21 PM
Shell said:

I've been doing this daily for 2 weeks & haven't noticed any changes in weight or skin. Howlong before I notice a difference? What does the acid from lemons do to your teeth & stomach? Kinda worried about that. I do enjoy the taste, though!

7/7/2007 5:16:48 AM
Wanna said:

I've been doing lemon tea for months it's helping with the weight lose.


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