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How can I prep my feet for a pedicure?

Fancy Footwork

Prep feet for a pedicure by soaking in warm water - add milk to soften skin.

Where should nail polish be stored?

Storing polish

Your nail polish will always be smooth and easy to apply if you store it in the refrigerator. Place gummy nail polish in a pan of boiling water to make it as good as new.

What can I add to my nail soak?

Nail soak

For a manicure, mix 1-cup warm water and juice of 1/2 lemon. Soak fingertips 5 minutes. Rinse and pat dry, pushing back cuticles. Rub lemon peel against nail back and forth vigorously. Finish by buffing with a soft cloth. --Mary Ellen's Best of helpful hints.

How can I avoid ingrown toenails?

Go for all the trimming

Avoid ingrown toenails by clipping straight across; don't clip in curves. Finish by gently rounding with an emery board.

Should I soak my nails before filing?

Simple Good Sense for Manicures

Always file nails BEFORE bathing or soaking them to prevent ragged edges and damage to the nail tip. Use an emery board only to file nails. Coarser boards are for acrylic nails. Move the file in one direction only. Do not use a back and forth motion which will create ragged edges. Remove all dust and bits of filed away nail before polishing.

How can I make my polish last longer?

Longer lasting polish

The stay put polish solution: Put your nails on a serious moisturizing regimen. Before a manicure, be sure to soak your nails in a creamy moisturizer for five to ten minutes. Wipe clean with a cotton ball dipped in a nonalcoholic astringent before applying a hydrating base coat. --Cosmopolitan. Apr 99

How do I get my nails white again?

Whitest nails

For the cleanest nails and whitest tips possible, soak nails in a bowl filled with soapy water and a capful of hydrogen peroxide or--for seriously yellowed talons--dunk a toothbrush in the bowl and scrub the nails, inside and out. Allure Magazine, May 1999

How can I avoid yellow nails?

Avoid Yellow Nails

Avoid yellow nails by always applying a basecoat before applying color polish.

Why should I use a basecoat and topcoat on my nails?

Basecoat and Topcoat for Nails

When polishing your nails don't skip the basecoat or topcoat! Be skeptical of a product that says they contain all three! A basecoat is a tacky, non-shiny coat that prevents the colored polish from discoloring your nails and helps the colored polish to adhere to the nail surface. Following up with a top coat ensures shine and protection for your new manicure!

How do I fix a smudge in my polish?

Fix a smudge

To fix smudged polish, dip your finger in remover and lightly tap the area to smooth it out, wait a minute, then apply topcoat. -- Allure Magazine, June 1999

How can I soften the skin on my feet?

Happy Feet

Before bedtime, slather on foot cream and slip on cotton socks. Try Extra Emollient Night Cream by Mary Kay, works great and smells nice too.

What can I do about dry, rough cuticles?

Clear away cuticles

Soften cuticles with cuticle remover before pushing back gently with an orange stick. Follow by nudging cuticles back with the wet corner of a towel wrapped around your thumb.

What causes corns?


If you are plagued by painful corns, your shoes are either too tight or too short. In well-fitting shoes, you should be able to wiggle your toes.

How can I make my toenails festive?

Twinkle Toes

Put a little TWINKLE on your toes with sparkling nail polish!

How can I set my polish faster?

Faster drying

For faster drying nail polish, set hands in a bowl of very cold water when nails are partially dry. --Mary Ellen's Best of helpful hints.

How can I make my home manicure look professional?

Magnificent Manicures

To give your home manicure a professional look, buff ridges from nail-surface and soak in bowl of warm water and lemon juice (or gentle shampoo for cuticle cuts).

How can I moisturize my cuticles?

A little oil

Try putting a few drops of essential oils in the water before soaking nails. It will help add moisture to cuticles.

How can I make my nails shine naturally?

Rise and SHINE

To bring out your natural oils for healthy-looking, shiny nails, buff with a SOFT sponge nail file.

How can I get rid of yellow stains on my nails?

Rescuing Yellow Nails

Lemon juice is a great natural bleach for getting yellow stains out of nails.

What could be causing me to have weak nails?

Strong Nails

Weak nails may be a sign that you are not getting enough calcium from your diet.

Which type of nail file is best?

Nail File

The best nail file is made out of small diamond chips. Diamancel makes a variety of these files for different uses.

How can I make my nails festive for the holidays?

Holiday Nails

For festive holiday nails, give yourself a manicure and pedicure with red polish.

What is an inexpensive and natural way to remove calluses on feet?

Vinegar and Baking Soda Foot Bath

Tired of having dry, calloused feet? A simple foot bath of vinegar and baking soda can help! Fill a large container or foot spa with warm water. Add three cups white vinegar to the water. Place your feet in the mixture and immediately add one cup of baking soda to the mix. Allow your feet to soak for thirty minutes or until the skin starts to soften. Finish removing the dead skin and callouses with a pumice stone or other pedicure tools. (These are usually available at your local drug store for only a few dollars.) If desired, add essential oils in your favorite scents to create a soothing experience. (Lavender, citrus, and other aromas work great!) When finished, dry your feet with a warmed towel.

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