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How can drinking hot lemon water help my skin?

Hot Lemon Water

Drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning to help flush out the body internally and reduce toxins which can cause skin sensitivities.

How do I properly wash my face?

Face Cleansing

Wash face using circular motions to gently massage cleanser into skin. Don't pull down on the skin or rub too hard. Cleansers generally contain sodium lauryl sulfate and cetyl alchohol, ingredients that remove dirt and oil without excessive friction. -- Allure Magazine, March 1999

How can taking Vitamin B6 help my monthly breakouts?

Hormonal Breakouts

Take Vitamin B-6 to help regulate hormonal imbalances which can lead to breakouts. Calcium and magnesium can also be helpful.

What could be causing my dull, dry skin?

Dull, Dry Skin

If your skin is dull or dry, you may not be providing your body with enough Vitamin D.

How often should I get a facial?

Monthly Facials

Get monthly facials for increased circulation and oxygen for healthy, glowing skin.

Why should I avoid using products containing fragrance?

Avoid Fragrance in Products

Avoid using skin care products containing fragrances, the #1 cause of allergic reactions.

Can I skip washing my face at bedtime if I don´t have on makeup?

Go to Bed with Clean Skin

Always wash and moisturize your skin at bedtime.

Why should I avoid hair products with panthenol?

Avoid Products with Panthenol

Hair products containing Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) can make hair stronger but can cause skin breakouts.

How can dairy products affect my skin?

Avoid Dairy Products

Avoid dairy products if you are prone to skin breakouts.

What are the exfoliating granules found in scrubs?

Skin-friendly Scrubs

When choosing a cleansing scrub for your skin, look for a product that uses indredients other than seeds or shells as exfoliating granules (such as jojoba beads). Seed/shell granules can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Ouch!

Why should I avoid using bar soap on my face?

Avoid Bar Soap

Avoid bar soap for the face since the binders holding the bar together will strip the skin of water and natural oils.

Should I shave before or after I tan?

Shave Before Tanning

Shave legs before tanning to avoid shaving off part of your tan.

How will vitamin C help my skin?

Vitamin C for skin

Applying the antioxidant vitamin C to the skin has been found to boost its natural radiance. --Cosmopolitan. Apr 99

Can I skip using toner if my skin is dry?

Use Toner after Cleansing

Using toner after cleansing is essential to healthy skin since it removes drying chlorine and minerals found in tap water.

How can I improve the effectiveness of my moisturizer?

Lock in Moisture

Lock in moisture by applying moisturizer to damp skin (i.e. right after a bath).

What can I add to my diet to help dry skin?

Increase Omega 3's

For dry skin, increase Omega 3's in your diet: flax seed oil and olive oil, salmon, tuna, walnut, almond and pumpkin seeds.

What could be the culprit of the breakouts on my forehead?

Breakouts on the Forehead

Skin breakouts on the forehead usually indicate too much sugar and/or caffeine intake.

What could be causing my scaly, rough skin?

Scaly, Rough Skin

Scaly, rough skin could indicate a vitamin C, or zinc deficiency.

Is Co Q10 good for my skin?

Co Q10

The latest weapon in the war against wrinkles is Co Q10, a cell-nourishing coenzyme that your body produces in abundance when you're young, then less as you grow older. --Cosmopolitan. Apr 99

How can I improve my skin´s elasticity?

Improve Elasticity

Improve the skin's elasticity by using a product with collagen-building Vitamin C.

What could be causing my extremely oily skin?

Oily Skin Deficiencies

Extremely oily skin could indicate a bioitin, zinc or enzyme deficiency.

Which sun block can I use if I am prone to skin breakouts?

Fun in The SUN

Use oil-free sun block if you are prone to skin breakouts.

Can I use the same skin care regime year round?

Skin Changes

As weather conditions change throughout the year, skin conditions may also change. You may need to adapt your skin care regimen accordingly.

What should I put on newly exfoliated skin?

Vitamin C Serum

Use a special Vitamin C *serum* to help protect and preserve newly exfoliated and exposed skin cells from the harsh effects of the environment.

Is there anything I should avoid in a moisturizer?

Avoid Mineral Oil & Petrolatum

Avoid using moisturizers containing mineral oil or petrolatum which can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

What can I do about blackheads?


Blackheads are caused by pores clogged with dirt and oil. Use non-comedogenic products and exfoliate biweekly.

What could be causing my Psoriasis?


Psoriasis could indicate a zinc deficiency.

How can I make my fade cream more effective?

Sunscreen & Skin Lighteners

When using a skin lightener or fade cream it is more important than ever to use sunscreen to be able to achieve your purpose.

How does stress affect my skin?

Avoid Stress

Do what you can to avoid stress. Many skin conditions such as psoriasis, excema and recurring acne are related to large amounts of stress.

What can I add to my bath to soothe tired muscles?

Soothe Muscles

Soak away tired, sore muscles with bath salts. To try: Get Fresh Sleepytime Salt Fizz with apricot kernal and avocado oil to moisten skin.

Why do I have breakouts around my hairline and on my back?

Avoid Panthenol

Avoid haircare products containing Panthenol if you are prone to breakouts around your hairline or back.

Should I use a detergent to combat my oily skin?

Oily Skin Cleanser

For oily skin, avoid detergent-based cleansers. They dry out the skin too much then oil glands overcompensate to combat dryness.

Should I pick peeling skin after a sunburn?

Post-Sunburned Skin

Resist the urge to remove peeling, post-sunburned skin as it can cause scarring.

What should I look for in a product to help alleviate red skin?

Chamomile Products

Chamomile-based skin care products will help to alleviate skin redness.

What can I do about discolored palms from sunless tanning lotion?

Wash Hands After Using Self Tanners

Wash hands thoroughly after applying sunless tanning lotion to avoid discolored palms.

If I have oily skin, do I need moisturizer?

Shiny skin

If your skin shines excessively, do not use moisturizer (it is naturally moisturized), the added moisture will make your skin look greasy and will clog pores.

Where can I find good, reliable information about acne?

Free Acne Information

For a free brochure on acne, send a SASE to: American Academy of Dermatology, PO Box 4014, Schaumburg, IL 60168-4014 --Parade Magazine, Aug. 1, 1999

What can I use to protect my skin against environmental damages?


Use a moisturizer containing antioxidants (Vitamins A, C & E) to protect skin against environmental damages.

What can I do about the effects of irritating minerals in hard water?

Use a Water Filter

Replace your shower head with a filter purifier to eliminate chlorine and minerals which are drying and irritating to skin and hair.

Why should I avoid toners with SD Alcohol 40?

Avoid SD Alcohol 40

Avoid using toners containing SD Alcohol 40 since it strips the skin of water and promotes dull skin by causing dead skin cell buildup.

How does smoking affect my skin?

Avoid Smoking

For a much healthier complexion, avoid smoking! Smoking constricts the blood vessels in the face and leads to the breakdown of collagen, causing premature wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Why do my knees and elbows look so dark after using my sunless tanner?

Use Less Self-tanner on Knees & Elbows

When applying sunless tanning lotion, use sparingly on knees and elbows. These areas are naturally darker in color.

How should I care for new skin after a sunburn has peeled?

Protect New Skin

Avoid using chemical exfoliators like Retin A or alpha hydroxy acids on new skin after sunburned skin peels. A gentle mechanical exfoliator or scrub can be used one week after peeling begins.

Should I use sunscreen if I am prone to blemishes?

Sunbathing Skin Care

Use oil-free sunscreen if you are prone to blemishes.

Should I use a harsh scrub on acne?

Avoid Scrubbing Acne

Don't try to scrub away acne, which can allow bacteria deeper into the skin. Use a gentle scub with perfectly round grains which roll across skin.

Can I use aloe vera gel on sunburned skin?

Aloe Vera Gel

Relieve the itch of dry or sunburned skin with aloe vera gel.

Should I use a washcloth?

Use Clean Hands to Wash Face

Most dermatologists recommend using clean hands instead of a washcloth. Unless a fresh cloth is used each time, hair follicles on the face can become infected by bacteria on the cloth. -- Allure Magazine, March 1999

How can a topical Vitamin C product benefit my skin?

Topical Vitamin C

Use a topical Vitamin C product daily to increase Type III collagen production.

Why should I avoid the temptation to pick at my skin?

Keep Hands off of Face

Don't pick at your skin. It can force bacteria deeper into the skin. Have pores professionally cleaned instead.

Is rinsing important?

Rinse Well

To remove cleanser, rinse with lukewarm water, splashing several times. Extremely hot water might feel good, but it can irritate skin. Cold water will not close pores. -- Allure Magazine, March 1999

How can I keep sunburned skin from flaking and peeling?

Sunburned Skin

Use a heavy, occlusive moisturizer on sunburned skin to help minimize flaking.

What can I use to help control oily skin?

Oily Skin

Use a special oil-absorbing serum to control oily skin. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

How can I get a deeper color when using sunless tanning lotion?

Deeper Tan

For deeper color, reapply sunless tanning lotion 3 hours after first application.

What can I do about dry, unsightly elbows?

Dry Elbows

Dry skin on elbows should be exfoliated at least once a week and moisturized daily.

What can I do about little red bumps after shaving?

Red Bumps after Shaving

Those little red bumps that appear along the bikini line after waxing or shaving are ingrown hairs. To remedy, use a gentle exfoliator.

What can I do about scars and discolorations?


Reduce the appearance of scars and discolorations with a product containing clover and siegesbeckia orientalis by encouraging the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

How can I keep my skin supple while flying?

Drying Effects of Flying

To counteract the dehydrating effect of flying, drink lots of water 2 days prior to your trip, use a mild exfoliator on your skin and switch to a moisturizing soap.

How often should I clean my cosmetic brushes?

Clogged Pores and Breakouts

Clean cosmetic brushes weekly to help prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Should I shave before or after I tan?

Shave before Tanning

Shave legs before tanning, to avoid shaving off part of your tan.

What should I do about a skin rash caused from trying a new product?

What's this Rash?

Skin rashes caused by new products are often the results of the body's sensitivity to fragrance. Discontinue product use to see if the rash dissipates.

How long should I wait after shaving before applying sunless tanner?

Before Sunless Tanning

Wait one hour after bathing, exfoliating and shaving before applying sunless tanning lotion. Your body needs to recover to its natural pH balance.

Should I do more than just moisturize dry, flaky skin?

Exfoliate Dry Skin

Moisturizing dry, flaky skin is like trying to bring dead skin back to life. Exfoliate first, then moisturize.

What should I use to wash my pillow cases?

Fragrance-free Detergent

Wash pillow cases with dye-free and fragrance-free laundry soap.

What kind of moisturizer should be used on oily skin?

Products for Oily skin

If you are prone to skin break outs, try oil-free products including moisturizer. Important note: "water-based" or "doesn't clog pores" does not mean oil free.

Can my pillow case affect my oily skin?

Clean Pillow Cases

Invest in a stack of pillow cases and change nightly to avoid reintroducing bacteria and oil into your skin.

How often should I reapply sunscreen?

Reapply Sunscreen

Reapply sunscreen hourly if out in the sun.

Is there a cheap product I can use for dry skin?

Super moisturizer

Don't waste money on expensive moisturizers. Try this instead: wet face. Apply thin layer of vaseline. Apply lukewarm water. Wait. Rub excess water into skin. Wait. Apply more water as needed until all the vaseline is absorbed.
This should take no longer than 15 minutes & your skin will be smooth.

Is there a product I can carry in my purse for oily skin touchups?

Papers for Oily Skin

Use special powder papers as needed to blot excess oil.

How can I tan without harming my skin?

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Use sunless tanning lotion before going out in this season's dare-to-bare sundresses. Reapply every 3 days for a safe, even tan.

Should I skip using a moisturizer if my skin is oily?

Moisturize Oily Skin

Use an oil-free moisturizer on oily skin to hydrate skin cells.

How will I know if I like a product?

Take it for a test drive

Before purchasing a new skincare product try it out first. Rub a little on your throat to see how it feels and smells, and how your skin responds. Also, higher price does not necessarily mean better quality.

What should I look for in a moisturizer for dry skin?

Spa Water Products

For dry skin, look for new products containing mineral-rich superhydrating spa water as the acive ingredient. Formulated with vitamin-rich plankton and maring enzymes, these products moisturize for hours and give you a radiant glow. --Cosmopolitan. Apr 99

What can I do to get a better faux tan?

Exfoliate Before Tanning

Exfoliate skin before using sunless tanning lotion to slough away dry skin flakes and ensure a smooth, even tan.

Should I avoid the sun after my sunburn has peeled?

Protect New Skin

Protect post-sunburned new skin from sun exposure until it has completely recovered.

What can I do about discolored palms from sunless tanning lotion?

Avoid Discolored Palms

Wash hands thoroughly after applying self-tanning lotion to avoid discolored palms.

How do I avoid streaking when applying self-tanning lotion?


Smooth self-tanning lotion evenly over skin. Rub in well, to avoid streaking. Use less on knees and elbows, which are naturally darker in color.

What could be causing my dermatitis?


Dermatitis could suggest a biotin or zinc deficiency.

What could be causing my extremely dry skin?

Dry Skin

Extremely dry skin can indicate a vitamin A, vitamin C or zinc deficiency.

What can I use to help repair my sun-damaged skin?

Glycolic Acid

Use a glycolic acid (the most effective of the alpha hydroxy acids) product without alcohol to help reduce past sun damage, smooth and soften skin, and to help keep skin cells healthy.

How can foods with a high fat content affect my skin?

Eliminate High Fat Foods

If your skin has a tendency to break out try eliminating foods with high fat content.

What can I use to help keep oily skin in check during the day?

Oil-Absorbing Papers

Use special oil-absorbing papers to blot skin as needed to help keep oil in check.

Is there a best way I should apply moisturizer?

Massage Skin

Massage moisturizer into skin in a circular motion to increase blood flow and oxygen.

How can I control oily skin throughout the day?

Oil-Controlling Papers

Special oil-controlling tissues, similar to those used to clean eyeglasses, can be used throughout the day to blot excess oil.

How should I treat skin that is oily in some places and dry in others?

Combination Skin

For skin that is oily in some places and dry in others, treat each condition separately with the appropriate skin care product.

What is the best product for oily skin?

Serum for Oily Skin

Use a special serum for oily skin with Nylon 12...used to clean up the Exxon oil spill.

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